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a seiferxquistis compilation

The Third War
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The Third War

The thing about wars is that there's always another one waiting just around the bend.

Garden cannot hide a sorceress in their midst forever. When Rinoa Heartilly is outed as the world's most wanted witch, it is up to SeeD to do what they've trained their entire lives to accomplish: kill the sorceress.

Seifer Almasy has had enough to do with witches for a lifetime, but when Quistis Trepe appears on his doorstep to offer him one last chance at SeeD, he finds himself wondering if, just maybe, he'll get to be the hero of a story instead of the villain after all.

But the rules of this fairy tale are different: the princess is the dragon, and she wears an old flame's face.

The Third War is a collection of one-shots and short stories written by a myriad of authors in the FFVIII genre, focusing on the complex relationship between Seifer Almasy and Quistis Trepe as they must work together to prevent the apocalypse all over again.

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