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a seiferxquistis compilation
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6th-Aug-2013 08:17 am - Come Back
Black queen
Title: Come Back (Part 3)
Rating: R
Summary: Quistis tries to convince Seifer why she needs him.
Notes: Could follow up with a sequel. Sorry this took so damn long.  This was a bear to write.  May go over the 5,000 word limit, but I didn't quite know how to end the chapter.  Also available on fanfiction.net.
Music: "My Skin" by Natalie Merchant

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21st-Apr-2012 05:12 pm - Come Back
Black queen

Title:  Come Back (Part 2)
Rating: R
Summary:  Quistis tries to convince Seifer why she needs him.
Notes:  Set several months into the war.  Planning on doing this in three parts, but it could be more.  Also available on Fanfiction.net.
Music:  "Silhouette of a Life" by 10 Years

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14th-Apr-2012 07:29 pm - Double posting....sorry.
Title: No Such Thing
Rating: Teen-ish
Summary: Quistis thinks about time...with what little she has left.
Notes: 1st person Quistis. If you want to listen to what I was listening to while writing the majority of this, I recommend "Song From a Secret Garden", which you can find here: http://youtu.be/QzgG_gIA-YQ

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10th-Apr-2012 05:46 pm - Interlude, PG
Title: Interlude
Rating: Teen for some minor cursing. Huh, what do you know, I wrote something under an R rating.
Summary: It all starts with a girl waiting in a bar. Even an avalanche can begin with a single snowflake.
Notes: A third-person look at the Seifer/Quistis conundrum. I started this as soon as the community was created, and for some reason, it's been like trying to cram a round peg in a square hole. Others to follow.

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17th-Mar-2012 10:27 pm - Come Back
Black queen
Title:  Come Back
Rating: R
Summary:  Quistis tries to convince Seifer why she needs him.
Notes:  Set several months into the war, will probably be three parts (and available on fanfiction.net as soon as the server works)
Music:  "Farewell" by Dario Marianelli, Atonement Soundtrack

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8th-Mar-2012 12:48 pm - If You Can't See the Sun
My anti-virus program is actually blocking me from making an LJ cut for some reason, so I posted this instead on FF.net and am just linking to it from there. FF.net lists this as almost 6,000 words, but in Works, sans author's note, the final word count came out to 5,028, so I decided not to sweat the extra 28 words.

Title: If You Can't See the Sun
Rating: R, for my/Seifer's potty mouth.
Summary: This was not how things were supposed to go. He was supposed to be the hero.
Notes: Takes place several months into the conflict.


Also: postpostpostpostpostpostpost!!

Also to the second power: I don't know why this is all squished together. I don't have time to fuck with it anymore.
5th-Mar-2012 10:05 am - The Crownless Again Shall Be King
Title: the crownless again shall be king.
Rating: PG13
Summary: The mission isn't supposed to go like this, and he can feel blood seeping into his shirt.
Notes: Set about three months in.

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2nd-Mar-2012 01:32 am - AUTHOR DIRECTORY
This is the official masterlist of all past and current participants in The Third War, with a link to their works.

Don't see your name and it's been more than 24 hours since you applied to join? PM irish_ais or leave a comment on this post.

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2nd-Mar-2012 01:28 am - WELCOME AND GUIDELINES
Garden cannot hide a sorceress in their midst forever. When Rinoa Heartilly is outed as the world's most wanted witch, it is up to SeeD to do what they've trained their entire lives to accomplish: kill the sorceress.

Seifer Almasy has had enough to do with witches for a lifetime, but when Quistis Trepe appears on his doorstep to offer him one last chance at SeeD, he finds himself wondering if, just maybe, he'll get to be the hero of a story instead of the villain after all.

But the rules of this fairy tale are different: the princess is the dragon, and she wears an old flame's face.

Welcome to thethirdwar, an ongoing fanfiction collaboration focusing on Seifer/Quistis and the premise of a third Sorceress War.

All are welcome and invited to participate! This post will serve as a sign-in sheet for those who wish to join; posting access is moderated and your admission will need to be approved before you can start adding stories to the compilation.

Please read the guidelines for this challenge carefully, and when you're ready to go, just leave a comment, and you'll be added to the list of authors participating. (Addition to the community can take up to 24 hours; please be patient if you don't have posting access right away.)

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